When selecting a place to work, there are some obvious clues that will assist you with that decision. Contemplate this question and these responses . . .

Are the employees having FUN?
If so, they are making your experience FUN.
They enjoy well-balanced lives . . . time for family, friends, learning, and FUN.

It is likely that they enjoy team & community involvement and consider Winning, FUN. They seek opportunities to grow, to engage in life and give back to others through work and FUN. The Hospitality Industry has launched a vast number of careers of people who receive Joy, Wealth and Fun from serving others. Many of the success stories coming from current and former Shakey's employees include those who have gone on to be artists, celebrities, sports' legends and war heroes. Others have pole-vaulted their careers within Hospitality as leaders in Retail, Hotel, Airline, Healthcare, Teaching and Sales. They all have one thing in common; they wanted to work and they chose to have FUN doing so. Since we know that there are many career building opportunities for you to choose from, there is only one Shakey's, and we invite you to come play with us. We are growing and learning and building careers. Let's talk.