Shaking Things Up for Toy Drives This Holiday Season

Published by Daina Macdonald on December 15, 2018

It should come as no surprise that a pizza chain known for fun and celebrations takes part in Toy Drives during the holidays! Celebrations and having a good time is at the core of what we do at Shakey’s and this past holiday season we wanted to do our best to ensure families everywhere had the same chance to celebrate with their little ones. For us it really starts with serving up toys (and some good pizza) to those in need. Take a look at all the fun charities we got involved with this past December and find out how you can too!

Toys for Tots ™

Shakey's interior shots

Every year we have a friendly competition between our Shakey’s restaurants to benefit the Toys for Tots ™ foundation. If Shakey’s guests want to donate $1 or $5 to Toys for Tots ™ through us, they not only get bragging rights but a coupon for the next time they come into Shakey’s for either $1 or $5 off their meal. Each guest that donates also gets their name on a paper train and their train is placed up on the restaurant wall during the holiday season. At the end of the competition we award the restaurant that received the most donations an awesome prize! The tots get toys and our communities get just a little closer together knowing that we’re all doing something awesome for kids in need. Take a look at the Toys for Tots ™ Foundation if you want to find a way to get involved with them too!

Ronald McDonald Charity House®

Shakey's Christmas Party

If being in the hospital is no fun for an adult, you can imagine what it must be like for kids. The past few years we’ve had the privilege of being able to deliver pizza and Mojo®s to the Ronald McDonald Charity House® located inside the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. And let us tell you, there is nothing like seeing those families come together for a night of fun, food, toys and games. A huge community of businesses and volunteers come together to donate their time, goods or services to make sure that this is one night these brave families will never forget and it’s simply beautiful. If you want to be a part of this event in the future or help out in other ways,take a look at this noble charity.

Sparks of Love

Shakey's Christmas

This year Shakey’s also had the opportunity to collaborate with some Ghostbusters™ at our Anaheim location for a night of ghost-free fun! We had one goal- fill up as much of the Ectomobile™s with toys as possible! Boy did our community come together and deliver! One person alone donated 91 toys and by the end of the night are goal was met. It was a night full of buzz and fun! There was a photobooth, awesome food (humble brag), and awesome tunes (thanks to K-Earth 101). Fans of the movies also got the chance to meet Slimer™ and Lady Slimer™ actress Robin Shelby who was signing autographs! It truly was a night to remember and at the end over $7,500 worth of toys and cash had been raised. We can’t wait to see what these Ghostbusters™ do next! Find more info on how you can get involved with them.

Did you participate in any charities this year? If you came into a Shakey’s and donated to Toys For Tots™ through us, that counts! Reach out to us on any of our social channels like Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and YouTube and let us know what you did.