The Best Beer and Food Pairings With Jess Lizama!

Published by Daina Macdonald on January 15, 2019


Jess Lizama

It’s Happy Hour (everyone’s favorite hour) somewhere! Now, it’s no secret that pizza and beer go together, but did you know some ‘zas pair better with certain types of beer? In this video Jess Lizama does a little taste test with the help of our brewery educator, Laurel, and finds out not just what goes best with some of our favorite pizzas, but also what goes best with our Mojo®s and Golden Fried Chicken as well! Take a look below:

Um…who knew?! SO many cool combinations! The fun doesn’t stop there though. If you’re looking for a spectacular deal during your next happy hour escapade, we’ve got a little menu that packs a BIG punch! Grab your co-workers and hang out while enjoying a few select items from out Under $5  Happy Hour exclusive deals (at participating locations.) Craving Mojo®s, Chicken, or Pizza? They’re all up for grabs along with some not-so-standard items to top off your night. Try our cheesy Mac and Cheese bites and add a little something sweet when you ask for an order of Mini Churros. They come tossed in delicious cinnamon sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Not to tempt you further, but if you pair the churros with our blue bunny ice cream brownie Sunday…well let’s just say you won’t want to share. And that’s cool because with this deal, everyone can have their own.

Jess Lizama with pizza and beer

Now that you’re a happy hour connoisseur, stop by and do a little taste test of your own the next time you find yourself at your local Shakey’s during happy hour. If you’ve already done a PCM taste test, then don’t be shy. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite combinations are. Seriously, we want to try your faves too!

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