Valentine’s Day is the BEST holiday (prove us wrong.)

Published by Dai Macdonald on February 12, 2021

Okay, we admit that Valentine’s Day has a LOT of competition for the “best holiday” award, but this year, we think it’s a shoe in to win.

Hear us out here:

1. It’s all about love

What most believe started off as a way to welcome Spring has now evolved into something we look forward to each year. These days Valentine’s Day is all about bringing those you love closer together through the use of the most precious resource we have – time. Whether it’s spending time with the kiddos making glittery hearts out of cardstock or treating your pod to a Shakey’s Heart-Shaped pizza night – it’s all about (and inspired by) love.

2. It’s one of the few times being in a pandemic works in your favor

Unlike the November or December holidays, you won’t feel guilt over having to social distance! If anything, staying home is one of the things that makes Valentine’s Day much more special this year. It’s a little different than before of course – but does anyone actually miss Valentine’s Day crowds and overpriced set menu dinners?

3. Who says it’s limited to couples or families?

This holiday has had quite the glow up over the years. What used to be traditionally portrayed as a couple’s thing is now much more inclusive. In our opinion – it’s one of the best days to treat yo’ self with self-care ALL DAY LONG. Whether that looks like taking a mani/pedi zoom class, creating the world’s most relaxing bubble bath, or cozying up with your favorite comfort food and movie – we are here for it.

4. There are many ways to level up your Valentine’s Day game

As a kid, there are few days you looked forward to as much as Valentine’s Day. You got candy, you made crafts, and if you had a cool teacher you might’ve even had a chance to watch Charlie Brown’s Valentine’s Day-themed movie. It was practically a party day. While we will always have fond memories of picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day card set at the store with mom for our 5th-grade class, we won’t miss the pressure that came with it (especially when it came to a crush!) As an adult – in the middle of a pandemic – there’s very little pressure to get 35 cards for your circle. And you know what’s way better than a paper heart valentine? A pizza heart valentine, of course! That’s what we call a real game-changer.

Image showing Shakey's thin Crust Pepperoni Heart Shaped Pizza for Valentine's Day

Shakey’s Pizza doesn’t have a bad side

So what do you think? Have we convinced you that Valentine’s Day is absolutely living its best life this year? Do you think it should win the best holiday award or is there a holiday you think is better? Don’t leave us hanging – let us know what you think over on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Until then, let us leave you with a time-honored Valentine tradition: a poem worthy of any 5th-grade paper valentine heart:


Roses are red

pizza sauce is too

a heart-shaped pizza is a great way

to spell out “I love you.”