What Happens When A Cordon Bleu Trained Chef Tries Shakey’s Pepperoni Pizza?

Published by Daina Macdonald on December 30, 2018

Chef chopping peppers

For 65 years Shakey’s has been proud to hold the title of “The Pizza That Started It All.” So, when Michael Ruge agreed to do a taste test of our most popular pizza, we were ecstatic…and a little nervous. After all, we were competing with this man’s memory of his favorite childhood pizza.  We took a breath and started the day like any other day. We prepared our fresh dough, we cut up our locally sourced Californian tomatoes, set aside bunches of fresh basil and opened a brand-new bottle of our favorite 100% Virgin Olive Oil. We were so ready for anything.

We made our pie, cut it into perfect little triangles with care and handed a slice over to Michael Ruge. He took a bite. At that moment we could tell that memories from his childhood were flooding back.

And we knew that whether he liked it or not, we had at least brought back a little piece of the past for him.

Don’t miss the video above to see what Michael thought!

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